Nick Folwarczny Turns A New Leaf on "Long, Long While"

Riley Furey
Will Wark

"Long, Long While" is Nick Folwarczny's first song of 2024, and he returned with an avengers level cast for the occasion. This is his first release being signed to Sheesh's Management Company, and the visuals for this particular song were done with Will Wark – who is best known for his work with artists like Jack Harlow, Briston Maroney, Arcy Drive, and the Driver Era to name a few.

LLW contains elements we've become familiar with in Folwarczny's music, but this one carries a layer of maturity and a yet to be discovered depth. Nearly all of Nick's music is written and produced by himself which only makes his work more impressive, but in addition, he also enlisted help from a few friends to build the world on this track out even deeper. (Credits can all be found in this post.)

With his first release of 2024, Nick showed us glimpses of old and new, and it leaves me excited to see the next levels of evolution to come in his future work. The Ohio native is arriving at the perfect time for the folk renaissance 2.0, and while doing so, he delivers his own bid to follow the Ohio greats of the genre like Caamp, Oliver Hazard, and newer heads like Michael Marcagi.

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