Nick Folwarczny Is Set to Take the World by Storm with “Miss Ohio”

Riley Furey
Will Wark

Simply put, "Miss Ohio" is the most special song that Nick Folwarczny has ever put out. Not only is the song a folk masterclass, but the Columbus native linked up with the avengers on the back end for this track – enlisting help from Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, flipturn, Arcy Drive, etc.) on production, and Will Wark (Jack Harlow, The Driver Era, etc.) on the artwork.

Folwarczny's production value has always been a step above the rest, but the atmosphere that was created for this song, alongside his growth in lyricism and storytelling, is second to none when compared with those entering the genre. "Miss Ohio" makes Nick's personal situation feel so universal, and it's been amazing to see his strong trajectory upwards in such a short amount of time.

After coming fresh off of opening for both Hans Williams and Brenn!, I simply can't see the future not being even brighter for the relative newcomer. They always say that it takes a village to be successful, and Nick has what feels like a whole nation rooting for him to win.

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