Hans Williams Explores New Depths on His Debut EP, 'More Than One Way Home' [EP Review]

Tawnie Vickers
Hank Miller / Andrey Azizov

New Orleans-based artist Hans Williams dropped his first EP, More Than One Way Home this past Wednesday. The project is introspective and vulnerable and, offers an exciting glimpse into Hans’ personal life and journey.

The five-track EP includes two singles released earlier this year, “Skin” and “The Trek.” The additional three songs on this project allow listeners access to an even more in-depth scope of Hans as he develops and explores his identity further as a writer, artist, and person.

The EP cohesively comes together, exploring Hans’ place within indie-folk music and allows for the various elements of Hans’ artistry to shine through on each song. “Skin” thoughtfully shows off his vocal and instrumental capabilities that are charged with grit and soul. The first track on the EP – “Greywater” – welcomes listeners into an intimate atmosphere, simultaneously drawing on elements of traditional folk sounds through the pedal steel guitar.

On the subject of this EP, Hans says, “Creating this small project has helped me lean into the unfamiliarity of my future while reconciling with my past. It’s for anyone who’s feared they won’t ever find the same sense of belonging they once felt in their hometown. For anyone who’s ever felt paralyzed by self-doubt. Or anyone who has lost touch with themselves somewhere along the way.” The journey Hans experiences through his creative process is clearly laid out for listeners, as the EP feels incredibly personal while also managing a relatability for audiences.

As Hans kicks off his North American tour on March 15th in New Orleans, More Than One Way Home is the perfect opportunity for listeners to understand his art through the dynamic range and personal depths it offers.

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