Nick Vyner's Most Recent Single, “Flood,” Brings Stunning Layers and Vocals

Ian Hansen

Nick Vyner has outdone himself with this one. The Houston native’s most recent single, “Flood,” is an example of how artists should create a song. It’s full of layers and melodies that sound straight out of a movie soundtrack, vocals that catapult me to another world, and lyrics that are relatable.

This song is three years in the making, as Nick started in 2019 and took it through many updates and re-recordings all while keeping the message of feeling out of place in a brand new city with confusion, friendship, and loss all mesh together for a lyrical sensation. It’s evident this track was done to perfection and Nick said this track is his favorite to date. It is my favorite of his as well, and this very well might be one of my favorite songs to come out this year.

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