Don’t Tell WUWON How To Feel

Kieran Kohorst

It’s easy to get distracted by the extremes of emotions in life. We either want the absolute best experience or we try to avoid the deplorably worst situations. What is often overlooked is the middle ground, a space where you are content, when things are ok. WUWON, a 20-year-old artist from Seattle, captures this sense of stability on his new single, “Just Want To Feel Ok.” In fact, when it comes to the relationship he explores within the song, he seems to crave this steadiness of sorts.

In reality, it is impossible to avoid the flow of emotions that take us away from our equilibrium. WUWON chooses to use the dynamic between his feelings to his advantage: “For me, music has always been about how I feel in the moment, which comes to show why there is so much flexibility in my genre choices.” The Pacific Northwestern artist mostly contributes to the pop and pop-rock genres, with “Just Want To Feel Ok” best suiting the former classification. Driven sonically by the acoustics that begin the track, the narrative is set in motion by the ringing telephone that precedes the music. “Please don’t tell me how to feel when all I get is a ringtone,” WUWON begs on the song’s chorus, his anxiety tangible in his voice. His second release of 2022, “Just Want To Feel Ok” showcases what makes WUWON a voice to follow in a growing genre.

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