Flipturn Explore Love and Loss Through Their Double Single, “Halfway / Brooklyn Baby”

Olive Soki

As they prepare to make various festival appearances this summer, Flipturn graciously offer their fans not one but two singles, in preparation for their upcoming debut album. Breathtaking and heart-wrenching, “Halfway” and “Brooklyn Baby” highlight different stages that take place at the end of a relationship. Separated in location, but connected through emotions, this double single serves as the perfect tale of two cities.

Tackling the question of commitment on the first track “Halfway,” listeners are met with a lyrically vulnerable track beautifully coated by liberating instrumentals. Filled with grounding drums, refreshing guitars, and enchanting piano phrases, the song smoothly builds up to the chorus, giving it a cinematic quality, which contributes to the story. With lead vocals as powerful as the desire to maintain some form of freedom in your life, it is nearly impossible not to stomp along to this single.

The indecisive Houston tale is followed by “Brooklyn Baby.” Taking place in the famous New York City borough, “Brooklyn Baby” considers the loneliness one is faced with once they leave a long term relationship. Featuring relatively soft vocals, sharply rhythmic percussion, and a euphoric chorus, ”Brooklyn Baby” feels like the ghost of the most comforting gust of wind. While the track feels quite full between choruses, Dillon’s lofty head voice near the bridge reminds you of the gap felt once you fall back into a lonesome routine post-breakup. Emotional and slightly disoriented, he sings, “What would I do, without you?,”  hinting at the familiar codependent nature some relationships take on over time.

Although both singles discuss rather grim subjects, they realistically portray stages the average person experiences in a relationship. All part of the band’s ongoing growth as they progress both in life and their career, “Halfway” and “Brooklyn Baby” give a voice to commonly devastating and confusing human emotions, with an irresistibly melodious twist.

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