Noah Henderson Releases His Viral TikTok Song “how did I lose you”

Ben Higgins

If you’re looking for an artist that’s going to get you deep into your feels, look no further. Up and coming artist Noah Henderson is breaking his way into the industry through social media creation, impressive songwriting, and a truly special voice.

“how did i lose you,” his latest song, has been in the works for over a month, and his promotion of the song on TikTok has been met with massive acclaim. With multiple viral videos on his profile playing the song, and countless “PLEASE DROP THIS” in the comments, fans are finally getting what they’ve been asking for as the song was released today.

The track thrives in its simplicity, relying on a foundation of emotional lyrical work and vocal delivery. It tells the story of an ending love story, one in which the partner feels a need to separate to “dance in the dark;” his partner struggles to listen, overthinks, and is convinced something is missing. Despite the issues being on the partner’s end, Noah’s recurring line “how did i lose you?” shows that he feels he bears the responsibility. This is a common frustration when losing somebody; the feeling that you should’ve been able to change something that was out of your control. It’s honest and relatable, which is why it has already resonated with so many.

The song's rise and fall in momentum coincide with his willingness to vocalize his own frustration with his partner's behavior, showcasing the emotional continuity through his vocals and instrumental, which work together to create a piece of music that is incredibly powerful. Seeing that this is only Noah’s third release, I’m excited to see his growth as a songwriter, and you should be too. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for Noah Henderson moving forward.

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