Lawsy Takes Sexnb Sound to Next Level With “Like That”

Ian Hansen

There is something that is quite addicting about Lawsy’s music. His innate ability to create a hook that finds a home in your head is uncanny and his recent single, “Like That” is a perfect example of this.

Following his viral single, “Hotel,” Lawsy looks to keep pushing the momentum forward with “Like That” with his signature “Sexnb” style. The production makes listeners time travel back to the 90s and his vocal performance on the chorus, “Hit the strip club, throw a couple racks, she gon' throw it back for a little bag” once again showcases his ability to create a hook that will be stuck in your head forever.

I think it is safe to say that Lawsy did it again and created a track that has viral potential and will be played in clubs all over.

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