LA Collective NOFUN! Release Feel Good “DAYTRIP!” Tune

Milly Wensley

Up-and-coming collective NOFUN! consists of 9 artists from varying cities and diverse genre backgrounds. The group is LA-based, making tracks that range from indie rock to West Coast hip-hop. Each member has undergone their own journey and musical career but when the time is right they come together and create energized upbeat tunes as a whole. Let's dive into their latest release “DAYTRIP!” which has all the coming-of-age road trip energy you’d need for just that.

NOFUN!’s 4th-ever studio single is an ode to losing track of time with all your favorite people. In this tune we have Mother Wata carrying us through the chorus while every other member pops in and out with unique verses. Something I love about this track is with a group as big as 9 it sounds like it may be difficult to give everyone a moment on the mic without things feeling crowded but they’ve done it with ease. The chorus is an easy-to-learn alt-indie sing a long while each additional verse comes in naturally with a more hip-hop-centric flow.

The overall vibe of this tune is as feel-good as it gets. The production is upbeat, bouncy, and has a steady drum that carries us through the whole track. The lyrics describe everything you’d need for an unforgettable day with your closest friends. Paired with the perfect visual displaying two members of the group at first making their way around the city slowly collecting everyone one by one. The music video ends with the whole group together united on the beach as the day comes to a close.

All in all the group consists of 9 extremely talented individuals who come together effortlessly with a genuine chemistry. If you enjoy alternative, indie, or hip-hop music you’ll easily gravitate to their sound. The group are in the early stages having just a few singles out on streaming platforms but “ROADTRIP!” is definitely a great place to start.

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