JXNE's "Cross My Mind" Shares Love and Loss from a Closet Studio

Samantha DeCarlo

JXNE, Staten Island native, recently dropped his new single “Cross My Mind”. The calming tones of the guitar complemented by melodic vocals establish a serene atmosphere. The track goes beyond its auditory appeal, venturing into the emotional landscape of a past relationship. It explores the lingering thoughts of an ex-lover, contemplating the potential the relationship could have had. “Cross My Mind” is an anthem that yearns for the moments that could have unfolded differently. The song resonates with anyone who has experienced the complex tapestry of love and loss. 

Along with the original song, a pitched version has also been released. The indie pop recording is raw and intimate, as he uses his closet microphone with socks pulled over it. Despite his humble recording setup, JXNE's talent shines through, connecting with audiences through heartfelt storytelling and evocative musical arrangements. Remarkably, he has garnered an impressive base on Spotify, amassing 13.7k monthly listeners. Continuing to carve his own musical path, JXNE's unique blend of indie pop will leave a lasting impression on those who appreciate its authenticity and emotional depth.

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