Introducing Hyperpop Prince Nolan Barba’s New Single “black ice”

Riley Furey

It's no secret that releases can be few and far between when we get closer to the end of the year, and for that reason, in the last month and a half of the year I just assume I'll only find 4-5 new songs to add to my rotation. And whilst the drought ensues, I'm happy to share with you one of the few tracks that broke into my rotation against all odds. The song I'm writing about today is "black ice" by Nolan Barba.

It's no secret that hyperpop has been one of the most popular rising sounds over the past two years, and outside of a few of the founding artists in the genre like ericdoa, glaive, and brakence, I've struggled to keep many of them in my playlists as the sound has evolved. "black ice" was one of the first songs within the sound that has felt fresh in a while, and that comes as a surprise to me considering the genre is touted to be one of the next mainstream trends. And Nolan Barba's recent offering is all the more impressive to me when you consider the fact that this song sits just below 1,400 streams at the time of writing, which is leaps and bounds away from what it deserves.

It's been awhile since I've resonated with a track from an up and comer and from a hyperpop artist artist in general, and if you're looking for either of those, I could not recommend "black ice" by Nolan Barba more.

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