Odeal’s 'Thoughts I Never Said' is the R&B Album to Get You Through Winter [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

Calling all R&B lovers to pay close attention to Odeal and everything he’s just released on his latest EP 'Thoughts I Never Said.' If you’re not familiar with Odeal he’s a London-based artist born in Germany and raised between Nigeria, Spain, and the UK. Having grown up around many different musical cultures Odeal created his own unique blend of global influences. Primarily fusing sounds from R&B, Alte, and Afro genres. While his musical catalogue boasts a range of sounds, styles, and tempos 'Thoughts I Never Said' falls heavily into R&B. 

This EP unpacks what many great R&B albums do, love, lust, and experiences that stem from a romantic relationship, good and bad. Bringing us into the project with a brief intro, Odeal introduces how he feels about this person who appears to have been a long-time involvement, yet lacking commitment. The album in itself is a reflective and introspective look at a past relationship that ultimately wasn’t serving Odeal, while simultaneously wanting to return to the situation. In track “You, The World Vs Me” we hear a soft gentle production matching the tender tone of Odeal’s voice as he floats over the music. Here he touches on the beginning of his relationship, and problems that arise, yet “the world still goes round”. 

Moving on to my favorite track on the album “Bedroom Weather” is a stripped-back guitar tune that brings warmth to a cold day. This track is romantic, cozy, and almost captures the best moments of a relationship that allow every single argument or issue to disappear for just a moment. On track “Fine By Myself” we hear Odeal attempt to come to terms with solitude and separation from this toxic partner. While he appears fine, there’s still a part of him who wishes to turn back to old ways. The track itself is more upbeat, almost celebratory in nature, it has more of an Alte/Afro influence. We close out the tape with “Gave You My All”, a continuation of the Alte/Afro influence while also soulful in collaboration with South East London producer emil. 

I’ve only touched on a handful of my favourite tracks from this EP, not to be looked over is “All That It Takes” also performed in Odeal’s COLORS performance. “On The Ground”, “Water”, and “Rigormortis” all contribute valuable pieces to the story that this EP tells from start to finish. Beyond the new project, Odeal has singles that go back as far as 2017, he isn’t new to this. Somewhere in Odeal's beautiful blend of releases, there’s something for everyone. Start with “Thoughts I Never Said” find your favourites and watch what Odeal has in store for the new year.

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