PinkPantheress Debuts 'Heaven knows' [Album Review]

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British internet sensation, PinkPantheress, has released her debut album titled 'Heaven knows' a follow up to her 2021 mixtape 'to hell with it,' which featured viral songs like “Pain” and “Just for Me.”

PinkPantheress is officially bringing back the Y2K (early 2000's) era with her spunky, energetic, and autotuned blend of poppy liquid drum and bass heartbreak anthems. The indie pop breakout has seen major success with her songs trending on TikTok, her name on major motion picture soundtracks like Barbie and Black Panther, and by enlisting features from Ice Spice, Skrillex, and WILLOW. 

What is driving the success of PinkPantheress is most likely her ability to popularize a niche genre of indie electronic with her distinguished angelic vocals and intricate lyrics of detailed heartbreak. Specifically her collab with Ice Spice, “Boys a liar Pt.2” was a genius marrying of two up and coming pop stars that created an insane amount of buzz and was accompanied with an eye-catching funky video. PinkPantheress is reinventing the nostalgia of the early 2000's with her color splashing music videos and her pop infused beats.

'Heaven Knows' dropped with an accompanying music video of the song “Nice to meet you” featuring rapper Central Cee. “Nice to meet you” is captivating in its relevance of modern love and its snappy lyrics, “You’re the thing that connects my brain to my chest / it’s because I pray I’ll die before my baby /…I have secrets and yes / I know you know too many.” The video’s pop of color and choreography capture the light hearted essence of PinkPantheress. Similarly, the music video for “Mosquito” features actress Yara Shahidi as one of the girls joining PinkPantheress on a brand name filled shopping spree. 

PinkPantheress’ music is viral ear candy and her clever collaborations execute even more success in her career. Her catchy hooks are essential for the virality of her music (she refers to herself as an internet baby on the interlude) but it’s her aptitude to combine her 2000s aesthetic with modern liquid production with poignant lyrics that makes her stand out the most.

The pop singer uses Shakespeare’s Hamlet for inspiration on “Ophelia,” based on the character who falls madly in love with someone who rejects her leading to her insanity and eventual self-inflicted demise. She creatively uses “Ophelia” as a representation of a crush gon dire - “If I die, please, let them find me / because my lungs aren’t workin’ / liquid fills the inside of them, stops me talkin’ / you can see me underwater / As I descend, I see my life flash again.” Another standout track from the album is “True Romance” where she interpolates Gross Boy’s “True Romance” on the beat, and shares a personal account of her relationship with another musician. “Feel Complete” and “Capable of Love” shine with vulnerability and sweetness and “Feelings” and “Blue'' evoke more sensual melodies.

The production on 'Heaven knows' is overall exceptional, although can sometimes feel repetitive – but this is more or less expected with liquid electronic genre experimentation. The artist’s collaborative efforts – excluding Central Cee and Ice Spice – on this piece are a bit underwhelming (namely "Another life" ft. Rema and "Bury me" ft. Kelela) considering the amount of attention she has received this past year and the previous names she has worked with.

'Heaven knows' is a quality debut from PinkPantheress and it showcases her mastery of quirky electro indie pop and sincere songwriting, and she’s truly given life to a genre that never received such impressive recognition.

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