Richie Quake Speaks From Experience on New LP 'Dog'

Kieran Kohorst

No introductions are needed to begin Richie Quake’s newest album, 'Dog' - the Brooklyn-born indie rocker has proven himself to listeners through previous releases, both in sound and identity. He wastes no time in presenting this project’s thesis, beginning the album with a title track that puts the album’s themes of fear, pleasure, spectacle and intimacy in conflict with one another. Evidenced in the song’s music video, 'Dog' begins delicately but soon builds to be contentious: “Hey, I’m your dog, after all, after all,” Quake offers to begin the chorus; “and you are my favorite toy,” his loyalty pitted against his self-interest. 

Much of 'Dog' follows a narrative of everyday findings and thoughts Quake is consumed by, from the vice-enticing “Tommy” sitting on his shoulder to the all-encompassing emotions of “Entire Vampire” and the rock-out that is “Birthday Party.” There’s little deviation on the album from the music Quake has made in the past, but that’s certainly not a detriment. It’s a very ordinary setting, an innocent and candid snapshot of Quake’s everyday life. It’s in these moments his perspective breaks through - sometimes it’s raucous, sometimes it’s tame, but it’s always exciting to hear a new take on the mundane.

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