seencj Proves He Can be R&B’s Next Star With “Star67”

Ian Hansen

There is a captivating juxtaposition in Seencj’s music that has intrigued me for a long time: the seamless blend of club atmosphere with his sultry, smooth vocals. If you haven’t discovered his music yet, now is the time—he has the talent to take off.

Seencj just released his latest track, “Star67,” his third release of 2024, following “Club Love,” another groovy R&B disco gem. I love his aesthetic and the immersive world he creates with each song. “Star67” continues this vibe, setting a lustful tone that invites slow dancing with your significant other. The spacious, reverb-drenched vocals create a captivating atmosphere beneath the entrancing synths.

I am thrilled for Seencj’s inevitable rise in the coming months, as his consistency continues to impress. He and his producer, WEST, are crafting a sound uniquely their own, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice.

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