I Found The Most Talented Riley After Listening To "Texas" by Goodluck Rylie

Riley Furey

Riley is a relatively common name, but it's hard to name a Riley that is at the forefront of music creation. Not many people know that the legendary guitar player BB King's real name was Riley, but with the release of "Texas" by Goodluck Rylie, we as Riley's (regardless of the spelling) finally have one of us bringing our name it's much deserved glory.

On only his third ever single, Rylie explores the feeling of being homesick in a way that I've never heard. The opening line "I'm not from Texas but people say that I would like it" sets the tone for such a subtle way of looking at the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ idea. It's clear that while making this song he felt stuck both in his mind and where he was located, and he expels these emotions over a rock inspired chorus.

It's hard to find a genre better than rock to let emotions out, and Rylie executed on letting us into his mind perfectly through the sonic-vessel on "Texas." I think Rylie has a bright future, and he certainly is the most promising Riley that I've discovered to date.

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