Oscar Welsh Breaks the Radio Silence with Latest Single, "Radio"

Perry Avgerinos

Becoming a master of his signature wavy, indie-pop sound is Suffolk, UK's Oscar Welsh – returning with a highly infectious new single, "Radio." With each listen to any single in Welsh's discography, you instantly escape to better days, free-flowing in a comforting warmth, with a hint of lust: it's only fitting in the height of summer, Oscar Welsh makes his timely return – and we're thankful for his latest masterpiece.

Every artist has their go-to instrument. For Welsh, it's the guitar – swimmingly decorating the sonics of each track, complementing his unique vocal tone, and climbing melodies. In "Radio," Oscar offers a more in-depth storyline within his lyrics, while maintaining the consistent care-free aura of his previous work. Often focused on a girl as the protagonist of his tracks, Oscar sings,

"She don't like the radio,

Now I'm trying to get the a-u-x,

I'm sorry I'm a teenage-mess,

I don't like the radio–silence."

With ear-catching wordplay, honeyed production, and passionate stories, Oscar Welsh really found a lane to not only standout in, but takeover. To wrap up arguably one of his best releases to date, Welsh adds a charming flute solo in the outro. If you're like me and play new favorites on repeat, you'll be happy to notice "Radio," loops flawlessly on repeat, almost not realizing when the song is starting from the beginning again. If you need me, I'll be listening to "Radio" indefinitely. Dive in below:

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