Oston’s “Lie About You” Is a Vulnerable Masterpiece

Rachael Jansky

It takes something special to stand out amongst the sea of hopeful new artists vying for their big break on TikTok. Possessing that ineffable “it” factor, OSTON has done just that. Between her powerful vocals and skillful songwriting, she’s proving her talent can withstand far longer than sixty seconds with her latest single “Lie About You.”

In reflecting on the track, OSTON said, “For years I was made to believe that I didn’t have a direction; I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to say. I was being led to fit a certain mold, and it wasn’t until last year that I ended up breaking out from that. When it came time to decide what songs to include on this EP, I gravitated towards songs that truly represented me as an artist and person entering this new, empowered chapter of my life.”

“Lie About You” is bone-chillingly beautiful. With its nearly bare production, OSTON’s vocals and perfectly layered harmonies allow the storytelling to take center stage. Reflecting on a toxic relationship, listeners hear OSTON regain her sense of self and recognition of her worth while acknowledging the hurdles she overcame along the way. The raw emotion and unabashed honesty in her songwriting created an unbreakable connection with her music and a safe space for her fans to heal their own wounds.

OSTON’s “Lie About You” is a testament to the power of music and serves as an encouraging reminder that real, genuine talent will break through any background noise. With her sophomore project, Am I Talking Too Much? set to release later this year, “Lie About You” is already establishing OSTON as an artist on the verge of her breakout year.

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