Kayden Delivers the Ultimate Anti-Valentine Valentine’s Day Track "you can go and be with him"

Audrey Brandes

An electric blend of classic alternative and bedroom pop culminate on Kayden’s Valentine’s Day release, “you can go and be with him,” a spiteful track about liking someone, going to visit them, and seeing – oh – they’re at their ex’s house. That has to hurt. Yet despite the betrayal that this track describes, Kayden manages to twist the situation into one of self-empowerment, singing, “You can go and be with him, just don’t act like you’re sorry.” The anger on this track is tangible, yet Kayden’s nonchalant attitude is almost contagious. It’s a perfect blend of “Yeah, okay, my feelings are hurt” but also “I really couldn’t care less.”

The song begins with some mellowed production (produced by Kayden himself) underlying Kayden’s vocals, until a combination of synths, echoing voice effects, punchy drums, and electronic flairs weave together. As the track progresses, so do the production elements, creating an explosive chorus by the time it’s finished. Kayden’s ability to create infectiously catchy tracks with growing intensity is his hallmark. Since the singer stepped onto the scene in 2018, he has honed his craft to create a sound that is totally his own. His 2020 album has proven Kayden to be a certified hit-maker and he only progresses with each release. “you can go and be with him” proves just that.

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