Pardyalone’s New EP, 'A Place For Us,' Is an Acoustic Gem [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

The ascension of Minnesota artist, Pardyalone, has truly been special to watch. It seems like with each drop, listeners get a new perspective into his emotions. He does just that on his recent EP, A Place For Us, exploring topics many other artists in the industry are uncomfortable discussing.

Not only is his songwriting clever and able to tell a different story on each track, his vocals create emotions that are extremely hard to convey. His performance is pure in nature and on the opening track, "A Place For Us," the harmonization and authenticity he displays on the chorus showcases his natural gift, all while a beautiful guitar shimmers in the background.

Exploring topics such as toxic love, depression, and drugs bring to light the uncomfortable realities in life and gives listeners reassurance that it is okay to not be okay. This EP is special and will surely resonate with a wide audience like his songs always do.

A Place For Us features previous releases such as “She Like My Tattoos,” “Not a Home,” and “Sincerely, Fuck You,” all of which showcase how consistent he is with releasing quality music. Right now, the EP has over 10 million streams, and you should expect that number to continue rising. Pardyalone has continued to prove why he is one of the most exciting young artists in the game.

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