The Artistic Craft of Sideshow and Alexander Spit's 'JAM' [EP Review]

Tigrayan artist, Sideshow, just released his EP, JAM, in collaboration with LA-based producer, Alexander Spit this past Friday. Having a history of working alongside artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Mavi, El Cousteau, MIKE, Medhane, Zelooperz, Boldly James, and more, Sideshow uses his storytelling through his lyrics. Sideshow is a true artist that speaks his mind with his music. Through his music, he discusses topics regarding his views on life and society, his love for his family and friends, and his spirituality. What I love the most about this EP is how he titles each track as a chapter. It goes to show how authentic and skillful he is when it comes to not only rapping, but telling a story. He is one to emote vulnerability and truthfulness of his feelings, which represents the art of his in-depth lyrics. 

The production of this project is also outstanding as Sideshow teamed up with Alexander Spit, who has done production for his albums. Spit has also worked with other known rappers, like Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, and Medhane. The instrumental structure of the production fits perfectly with Sideshow’s narratives and rhythmical flow as you get the jazz-feel from the piano and bass melodies. My favorites on this EP are “Chapter 2: Meaningful Violence” where he samples Summer Walker’s vocals from her 2021 track “Insane” and “Chapter 3: El Jew Cristo Negro” where he raps alongside a close friend of his, and fellow talented artist, El Cousteau.

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