Hear A New Side of Wingtip on New EP 'Get Well Soon' [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst

The old adage surrounding age that were “as old as we’ve ever been, as young as we’ll ever be” is a far more shallow narrative than we are led to believe. There’s a much more sincere dynamic between age and our identity, one that gives and takes at its own discretion. At the ripe age of 29, Wingtip is in prime position to experience the limitless bounds of the time that has passed. It all comes to fruition in his music, collected and shared on his new EP, Get Well Soon, a project that embraces the everything-everywhere-all-at-once nature of this stage of life. Many times, it feels as if you are wearing your years heavier than their true weight - for a better perspective, Wingtip tries on a few. “Mr. 29” sees him embracing the moment and all crises that may present themselves; he considers the future of a tumultuous relationship on the enlivened “Talk”; lead single “Manipulator” is a gripping reflection on past romantic shortcomings. Throughout, Wingtip creates nuance with his choices in production, proving that there is far more to discover about oneself (personally and artistically), age be damned. 

In a press release, Wingtip shared more about the thought process behind Get Well Soon: "What happens when you try to do everything at once? Sometimes it fails, but sometimes you get my new EP Get Well Soon. With this project, I tried to break out of my comfort zone by working with a lot of new people, and doing some of my first features, with people like Bre Kennedy and Paul Russell. The project has sort of a something-for-everybody approach: there's folk and 90s rock, there's hip-hop, there's pop, and it's all brought together with a story about the last year of my life figuring out the last year of my 20s."

Get Well Soon comes to a close with a pair of duets, both of which arrive as totally complementary collaborations that leave listeners with a new side of Wingtip. “Down (Exit Song)” is a relatable tale of self-preservation with an air of romanticism, a tension between pride and desire tangible but unable to cloud the tender tone of the track. Curtain-call “Goodbye” featuring Paul Russell arrives with a music video, an overflow of long-held patience that materializes in a single plan: get out of town and make something new. Wingtip says he wrote the song “about wanting more but not being sure how to get there,” with Russell the perfect partner to join him on the journey. On the entirety of Get Well Soon, Wingtip is feeling his age, but not in a diminishing way. Instead he seems wiser, more willing to take risks and more adept to pull them off. For Wingtip and any others who decide to join him, 29 could just be the beginning. 

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