phin Finds Liberation in New Single "please let me go" [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

Today we welcome phin to the Sheesh pages, with his second single, "please let me go" to his newly launched self-titled artist project. The Middlebury, Vermont native has been making music for almost a decade, producing for fellow Vermont artists Noah Kahan and frequent collaborator Hans Williams, and now is leaning into his full creative potential with the addition of his own vocals.

"please let me go" sees phin fully unleashing confidence in his vocal abilities, a new territory that becomes more comforting with each release. Guided by moody indie guitar melodies, and an emotionally provoking saxophone solo, phin processes his fears and doubts, only to prevail over them as the saxophone solo finds a resolution in the outro.

phin told us, “I made please let me go this summer with my brother Nate (guitar) and our friend Brendan (saxophone). Recording this song was really the first time I allowed myself to sing without inhibition, and I think part of what allowed me to do that was truly feeling what I was singing. I had been traveling quite a bit for music and had lost touch with so many people, and I felt guilty about that, all while worrying that what I was pursuing wouldn’t amount to anything.”

"please let me go" shows the range and versatility of phin, being able to create a polished piece within multiple genre spheres. With many more tracks on the horizon, we're looking forward to hearing phin's continued progression, but for now – listen to "please let me go" below.

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