Mere Raj Follows up on 2021 Success with “PSYCHO”

Freddie Fine

Across his sparse but emphatic releases, Mere Raj has displayed his various styles and talents. From his biggest hit, “Touch,” to my personal favorite, “Lie,” there’s a little something for everyone.

His latest release, “PSYCHO,” is no exception to this trend. Led with a hard hitting, high energy instrumental, Mere Raj flows seamlessly between rapping and singing. He opens the track by exploring his struggles with mental health before displaying his vocal range on the chorus, singing, “And I’ve been going psycho / I've been going wild.” The second verse advances these thoughts and deals with the public response, while the third sees him break out of the toxic bubble surrounding him and prioritize himself. Although it may be difficult to get stuck in how alluring the sound is, it’s important to understand the meaning too.

Also, just need to take a second to acknowledge how incredible the cover art is, featuring a variety of headshots mashed together to display the various sides of Mere Raj. Check out the “PSYCHO” below:

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