Pia Mia Swears Off Her Past on “Repeat After Me”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Christina Bryson (@averagecowgirl)

On her first release in years, Pia Mia isn’t looking to mince words. “I’m not gonna answer the phone / I’m just gonna leave it alone / Promise not to love him again,” she demands on “Repeat After Me,” equally sultry and bitter in her delivery. While her tone is commanding, her audience isn’t in need of convincing: the warnings she waxes poetic on in the track’s verses are meant for herself, a reminder of the impending doom associated with a former partner. Obvious as the ending may be, Pia Mia comes across as more curious than cautious, seemingly aware of the downfalls that await her but unable to resist the temptation. Knowing better and doing better do not necessitate each other - and while we don’t know if Pia Mia will fall into this trap once more, her writing and tone leave a listener curious if she will stay true to her word. Always dazzling in her vocals, there is a liberation radiating from the core of “Repeat After Me.” The consequences can be what they may: Pia Mia is chasing a thrill that she is likely to incite.

Created during a collaboration with Pia Mia’s close friends and producers The Futuristics, “Repeat After Me” is the Guam-born artist’s first single since 2022’s “How We Do It,” which saw Pia Mia joining forces with Sean Paul. Though new music was “a long time coming” according to Pia, she has stayed busy in the interim: fashion has become a source of passion and prowess, exemplified by her selection as the first ever fashion director for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line, her role as a creative designer for the UK-based In The Style, and continued collaboration with various designers. Her writing has transcended songwriting and translated itself to the medium of a novel, as Pia Mia made her debut as an author with Sand, Sequins, and Silicone, a romance story released on May 14. As her focus turns more solidly towards music, Pia Mia’s stories will only become more vibrant. 

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