poptropicaslutz! Explore Their Inner Feelings on New Single

Freddie Fine

With every new release from poptropicaslutz! I just fall in love with them more and more. Their newest single, “the last time i was scared was when you caught me trying to kill you,” continues to expand their ability as they take on a poetic style.

Through the combination of metaphors and straightforward confessions, the duo creatively portray a story of young love, singing, “I would trade my firstborn just to have first dibs on you / That's a creative way for me to say I want you.” However, it’s clear that in the 2:14 runtime they are only scratching the surface of what they have to say, concluding that they are only two stanzas in. Their rock influenced, pop punk sound shines on the hook, bursting into an amazing soundscape. 

If you want to learn more about the duo, you can read my interview with them  from earlier this month. Keep an eye out for their EP, dropping later this year, and listen to the single below:

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