poptropicaslutz! Begin Debut Project Rollout with “WW3”

Freddie Fine

poptropicaslutz! have been creating quite the following underground, so much so that they signed with Epitaph Records in December of 2021. Their first release since then is finally here, and will be the first single off their debut project, coming soon.

“WW3” featuring RIZ LA VIE and GRANDMA channels the New York duo’s pop/punk/rock style into an alluring, chaotic love song. It’s loud and bashful yet very organized and thought out. The instrumental is broken into two parts - the first being a mellower mix of  drums and a sweet guitar riff, while the second is a pure rock song, an indescribable mix of noises that just sounds so perfect. The features each add elements on the chorus and bridge, seamlessly contributing their voices throughout.

The song is an introspective look at one’s flaws in a relationship and recognizing how they aren’t always the best. However, it ends on a uniquely loving note, singing, “As long as you and me are fine /It could be World War III outside / The sky could fall, we'll be alright / As long as you always keep your light on.”

Keep both eyes out for what poptropicaslutz! have coming this year because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Listen to “WW3” below:

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