KIIRA Gives Us a Feeling Of “Bliss” With New Single

Miles Opton

Seeing artists grow is half the fun of working at Sheesh. We built our platform around the joy for artistic development, and, to this day, it is our core.

With that value in mind, we’re highlighting the ultra-talented LA-based pop singer KIIRA. First featuring her for her pop ballad “Slow Gazing,” we saw strengths in her honest delivery and lush atmosphere. This week, she returned with all of that, and more, with her latest single, “Bliss.” 

Centered around messages of self-fulfillment, KIIRA brings us another tender yet powerful pop anthem that solidifies her tenacity for independent love. With subtle vocal runs and playful melodies, KIIRA brings us her staple sound, a sound of positivity and drive.

Give “Bliss” a listen below to hear it for yourself↓

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