Quarters of Change Blurs Pop Lines in Latest Single, "Look Alive"

Tyler Borland

New York's Quarters of Change is a five-piece band who first recorded in their high school basement. Now, four years later, the band is releasing some of the most left of center pop music with the help of 300 Entertainment. Singles such as "Kiwi" are psychedelic ballads that contextualize old school sounds for a new audience. Consistent across every new single is a spacey, atmospheric instrumental and a catchy vocal performance.

Quarters of Change's newest single "Look Alive" is one of their best to date. The funk-inspired track brings 80's synth pop elements to a new generation. The vocal performance is also one of their most experimental so far. Quarters of Change is one of the most interesting new acts in the current modern rock revival. Their sound is constantly evolving and "Look Alive" a perfect example.

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