Lexi Jayde Is Officially Moving on in New Single, “Newbury Park"

Joe DelloStritto

After a duo of 2020 releases, Lexi Jayde became known for her gentile, soothing vocals. In her newest release, “Newbury Park,” Lexi Jayde floats over the guitar-centric beat like a goddess, calmly cutting the toxic people out of her life. The guitar riffs in this track are simple, which only further accentuates the beauty and natural allure of Lexi’s vocals. The surging singer and songwriter takes her listeners through the wasteful time she spent on an ex-lover, and details all she would do for him. Lexi Jayde talks about sitting in rush hour traffic, and spending hours getting ready, all while receiving nothing in return.

There is a sense of youth and innocence when the 18-year old sings, but this youth is starkly contrasted by the lyrics in her hook, as she hollers, "Fuck you for wasting my love.” Because of this juxtaposition, “Newbury Park” feels like a coming-of-age tale, as Lexi Jayde is officially tired of allocating energy toward the wrong people in her life. The track as a whole is incredibly open and vulnerable, as Lexi offers her support and strength to the millions of fans dealing with similar relationships. Perfect for long drives down the coast and early mornings, Lexi Jayde’s “Newbury Park” is easy, tranquil, and altogether therapeutic.

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