renforshort Is Tired of Living Life Behind Her Phone in New Release “virtual reality”

Joe DelloStritto

Most of us can agree that we’re tired of living life between the dividers of phones and computers. Singer and songwriter renforshort can concur in her new single “virtual reality,” which speaks to the anxiety of living life through the internet.

In a mixture of pop and indie-rock, renforshort provides her fanbase with a steady flow of meaningful, catchy, and relatable music. “virtual reality” is an anthem for everyone in today’s generation, as the surging artist sings over high tempo electronic production, belting out,

"I don’t want to live my life on the internet,

I just want to go outside like a kid again,

I been here the last six months and I’m sick of it,

I need something real, I need something real."

renforshort continues to level up with every release, and “virtual reality” is no different. Her angelic vocals overpower the distorted bass throughout the hook, expressing her anger at the fake reality we’ve all become accustomed to. In between hooks, renforshort tells tales that are all too familiar, singing,

"Anxious, blankets over my head

Scrolling, going on 3am

Pass out, just to do it again"

If you’re looking for an escape from the world in your pocket, renforshort has found one for you. Give a listen to “virtual reality” and break free from the internet – even if it’s just for the 2 minutes and 41 seconds that renforshort provides.

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