Richie Quake Contemplates His Life and Desires on New Single, "Crawl" (Ft. Anna Shoemaker)

Olive Soki

Ever since Richie Quake released “That’s Not Love!” back in February, I’ve been waiting – more or less patiently – for the other shoe to drop. You never know with these things, and speaking from experience, it really is a shame when a single doesn’t measure up to the previous one. Thankfully, all my doubts and fears were put to rest when he posted a sneak-peak of his new song “Crawl.” Newsflash: it’s amazing.

Where to start? “Crawl,” much like “That’s Not Love!” is a contemplative and slightly existential song disguised as a pleasantly groovy track. Effectively illustrating his inner-thoughts and desires through each verse, it truly feels like you are taking a walk and sifting through all his deepest thoughts. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s all there, laid down on one track, served on a golden platter, and waiting for you to ruminate along with him.

While the song may not be lyrically blissful, the instrumentation definitely makes up for the deficit. Driven by a deep and groovy guitar, and accompanied by a steady pulse-like beat, “Crawl” goes down smoothly, making it very difficult not to loop the song for hours – as I’ve been doing on and off since it dropped. Kind of like the perfect walk. The song creeps its way into your senses until you find the right pace, and it magically feels like second nature.

Two amazing singles and a couple of shows into the year, and Richie isn’t quite ready to slow down. As he continues to release new music and expand his musical reach, Quake is proving himself to be an artist for whom to look out.

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