Richie Quake Takes Listeners on a Journey in His Latest EP, 'Voyager' [EP Review]

Joe DelloStritto

Richie Quake’s individualistic music never fails to put me in a trance. After rolling out four singles in 2021, his masterpiece EP titled Voyager is finally here. Adding three new tracks, and repackaging three of his four 2021 singles, Voyager is a tight, six song project that validates his patented nostalgic sound. Singles “Sensitive” and “Waiting For Your Turn To Speak” have already edged their way into Richie Quake’s five most popular tracks on Spotify, but they’ll have to make room for three new songs that are equally as addictive.

“Afterglow” is an introspective conversation that will make you feel as though you’re floating on a cloud. Like a true voyager, Richie Quake seems lost, debating whether he is floating or sinking. In a cosmic display of synths and alluring vocals, the Brooklyn native implores someone to take him home. He sings, “Lately, I don’t know where I’m supposed to be / In the afterglow, someone take me home.” The verses in this track are split up by psychedelic intermissions, before Richie reappears once again with his meditative voice. The track that follows, titled “Rush,” is an acoustic guitar ballad, driving his soothing vocals to the forefront of the song. Richie Quake chooses atmospheric melodies, almost as if he doesn’t want to overwhelm the alienated guitar riffs, which are as gentle as a delicate piece of fine china. Methodically gliding along, Richie Quake gives us an intimate look inside the pain he feels trapped by. With simple production spliced with his airy voice, “Rush” feels like a piece of heaven.

The final song and title track of the EP, “Voyager,” uncovers Richie’s creative mindset as a perfectionist. In a stark juxtaposition to “Afterglow,” rather than asking to be taken home, Richie Quake asks to be taken to space. Utilizing organic, groovy instrumentation mixed with electronic tones and a deep bass, “Voyager” is classic Richie. The multi-faceted artist sings, “Walking down the hallway and I see a broken mirror / Get a little closer, doesn’t look a little clearer / Only live twice / Maybe we should roll the dice.” It always takes a couple listens to fully understand Richie Quake’s symbolic lyricism, but he cleverly finds a way to elicit deep emotions time after time. His unconventional, high-pitched vocals match seamlessly with his flawless production, culminating in one of my favorite tracks to date. Richie Quake is a complete artist, and his new EP Voyager proves this as fact.

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