Who is Richie Quake?

Perry Avgerinos

Brooklyn rising artist, Richie Quake's new single "Sensitive," makes you feel like you're floating in a daydream, well above the clouds. Establishing the mood right off the bat with lo-fidelity indie guitar chords –  Quake has room to charmingly glide his soul-touching vocal melodies right on top. There's an overall polished and mellow tone to the track, nailing the alt-pop wave of his Brooklyn roots.

Revealing his "sensitive" side, Richie injects the right tone with his emotions, to truly connect with his listeners, and have you bopping your head right along. Richie sings and repeats in the chorus "Can you be, sensitive to me" creating a sort of call and response playing off the melodies of the guitar instrumentation, that creates a reassurance to Richie's wishes from his partner.

Quake has the look, the sound – and the New York hustle – to make serious waves this year and beyond. Definitely will be keeping an eye on his growth, as his sound continues to mature and evolve. Listen to his latest single below.

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