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Why You Need to Be Listening to rouri404 and Their New Singles “curse” and “nosebleed”

rouri404, the Orlando-based music artist that has already had a tremendous start to 2022 with their previous and collaborative EP “GORE,” has now further strengthened their track record for the year with their freshly released singles “curse” and “nosebleed.” 

While “nosebleed” is an excellent blend of pop rock and hyperpop, “curse” is more of a traditional emo-rap song. The songs, which came released as a pair, are distinctly two different vibes but are connected through rouri404’s unique style that has helped them pioneer a name for themselves. Both contain the intense, heightened vocal delivery that rouri404 is known for, paired with excellent songwriting that make each song a masterpiece. Their discography is further proof of this, and is packed with variety as they create a mix of everything from new-age metal to hyperpop. Within their music, you can expect to hear a perfected combination of almost everything in-between. If anyone’s genre-bending, it's rouri404, and I believe that we will only see their stage get larger as we continue to see them bridge the gap between genres.

rouri404 is one of my favorite underground artists, and I highly recommend combing through their discography. It's worth the listen.


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