Twin Brother Duo KAIRO Are the Duo to Watch in 2022 with Second Release “Love On TV”

Perry Avgerinos

If you haven't heard the name KAIRO before, you may be confused why the Nigeria-born duo sounds familiar, or may even look familiar to you. Prior to their debut single that released last month titled, "Someone Like You," the Texas identical twin borthers Ej and Ak were building their fanbase on TikTok, previously known as "thecoverboys." Having been following their growth for over 2 years now, I'm pleased to hear original music from them – and it's been well worth the wait.

Much like their viral covers, their own music reflects what has caught the world's attention – soulful melodies and catchy guitar riffs. In "Love On TV," the boys teleport the listener back to the 40's, visualizing a romantic scene on a black and white screen of two love interests slow dancing, to the soundtrack of KAIRO.

Elegantly bare, EJ and Ak's vocals do the bulk of the work, complementing each other's perspective as they question if the love they are feeling is really real. Backed by silky guitar strums and subtle saxophone solos, KAIRO use vocal layering and their airy vibratos to harmonize in their pleasing delivery of the not so euphoric side of love. With their second single off their upcoming debut EP Love Letters From Houston, KAIRO seem to be taking a stab at love from all angles, and so far they're two for two.

KAIRO is the duo to watch in 2022, and we're ready for their much deserving recognition from the music industry in the coming months and years ahead. And if you haven't heard their debut, I recommend starting there first. Dive into KAIRO below:

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