Artist Spotlight: Stephen

Conner Crosby

If fans of experimental EDM can remember all the way back to 2015, they’ll surely recall the incredibly groundbreaking electronic artist Stephen, and his smash hit “Crossfire.”⁣

Fast forward to 2020, not only after successful tours and projects, but also a bout with illness and an ensuing journey of self-discovery, the LA-based singer/songwriter is back with more innovative singles. His latest track, “Stray Nights," trades some of the big room spectacle of other areas of his discography for a more subdued, personal delivery. At the same time, though, Stephen manages to preserve the same dance flow and broodily intellectual tones that set him apart. With featured artist Chloe Angelides giving her sweet and soothing vocal delivery, “Stray Nights” is undeniably pleasant, and like all of Stephen’s work, undeniably different. Give it a listen.

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