Saba Releases New Single “Fearmonger” Alongside Announcement of Upcoming Album 'Few Good Things'

Freddie Fine

Simultaneously being everyone’s most underrated rapper yet regarded as one of Chicago’s top artists today, Saba is back with a single and album announcement. 

Following the release of “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” in March of 2021, who would’ve expected his next widely released song would draw close comparisons to Lupe Fiasco? Saba’s usual melancholy tone has been put aside for “Fearmonger” in favor of a style that is new to Saba’s palette. With an infectious beat, bouncy flow, and immaculate production from Daoud and daedaePIVOT, it’s a can’t miss release.

Beginning with a guitar rhythm that pops out at you, it is impossible to not want to keep listening. Combining with Saba’s flow, the song creates an environment to begin dancing no matter where you are. His storytelling ability, which he has been most notable for, is not left in the dark.

The song explores Saba’s biggest insecurity – losing everything he has. In a quote released on Instagram Stories by his manager Rory D. Webb, Saba said, “The song mostly deals with fear as it relates to money in the Black household, a fear that I am still currently working through.” Having grown up in poverty, Saba always carries a sense of humility with him. He expresses this throughout the verses, where he depicts using his money wisely as opposed to spending it in order to flex his wealth or own unnecessary material goods.

However, a lot of his fear is also an effect of being a Black man in America, where he constantly faces disadvantages because of the color of his skin. On the chorus, he raps the lines, “Okay, every [n-word] that I know is scared of goin' broke / I know if I fall back down, ain't no one there to lend me rope / Okay, and every [n-word] that I know takes care of so and so / So ain't no option, option, option, you best go make more.” The fear that Saba experiences is not limited to just him, it is something Black people have to experience every day. The song holds an impactful meaning, and it’s important to not let that get clouded by the infectious nature of it.

The upcoming album, as announced alongside "Fearmonger," will be titled Few Good Things. There is no release date yet, however, “Fearmonger” provides even more reason to be excited for the project. Listen to the single below:

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