Sabrina Lee and Julius Are a Match Made in Heaven in New Single

Joe DelloStritto

There couldn't be a better duo to deliver this emotional ballad than Sabrina Lee and Julius. "compensate me for all of my loneliness" is a melancholy acoustic masterpiece reminiscing on old relationships with feelings of envy, despair, and nostalgia. Sabrina Lee introduces the track, and passes it off to Julius halfway through. Vocally flawless, Sabrina sings,

"While all of my friends are out wasted,

I'm reminiscing on how it was,

Toxic and passionate oh it was bad for our health."

Her soothing and silvery vocals feel full, dominating the guitar strums that keep pace in the background. When Sabrina Lee passes the baton to Julius, you're sure to get chills. The talented singer and songwriter begins his verse, singing,

"My past is all you need for proof,

And I'm hurting while I hurt you too,

I know my pain is no excuse for my selfish ways."

The pain in Julius's voice is evident, as the rising star quickly takes the track to another level. It almost begins to feel as though the vocalists are singing to each other right when Sabrina Lee joins in harmony with Julius, capping off the final minute of the track. Read the headline: a true match made in heaven. Put this one in your heartbreak playlist.

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