Zekey Reimagines Taylor Swift's Country Hit with His Single "Luv Story"

Audrey Brandes

Zekey’s “luv story” is the acoustic x R&B rendition of Taylor Swift’s classic hit “Love Story” that I didn’t know I needed, but I’m beyond happy it’s here. Zekey’s raw and love-dazed interpretation of the Swift track gives us the other side of the story as he channels Romeo’s perspective. Throwing in some mellow rapping between the soft melodies, Zekey transforms this track into something beautiful and completely reimagined.

21-year-old artist Zekey is set to release his first professional record with Taha, having previously spent all his time writing, mixing, and mastering all of his own tracks. About the single, the Virginia native says, “This song means the world to me, it was the first song I wrote and recorded when I reinvested in myself and new equipment. It was also the first time I really had a song come out naturally, and took me where I wanted to go, opposed to me taking the reins.” And that sweeping easy-goingness comes through beautifully on the track. It’s a version that feels lost in a haze – and a beautiful one at that. The track showcases Zekey’s versatility – from his melodic voice to his admirable bars. He’s clearly honed his craft and I personally can’t wait to see what other pleasant surprises he throws at us on his upcoming records.

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