Tayler Holder Continues His Influence with His Voice in "100 Rounds"

Audrey Brandes

I’ve heard of Tayler Holder. He’s a popular TikTok influencer, a pretty face, and he dances pretty damn well. But when I first heard “100 Rounds,” I didn’t make the connection that it was this familiar face I’ve seen on the "For You" page singing. All I thought was, “okay, this song goes. Hard.”

Behind all the TikTok hype and the social media persona, Tayler Holder is a genuine artist. And it’s about time that he let his music take the forefront. He isn’t just the guy who does dances at the Triller Compound – Tayler Holder is a musician. Holder’s latest single has been long awaited and with a snippet of the track already trending on TikTok, it’s no doubt that it’s about to explode. Not only does the Texas native have the star personality, but he’s got some serious vocal chops.

“100 Rounds” begins with ambient vocals, transitioning into the sultry R&B-style verses that are downright hypnotic. I can’t help but get some serious The Weeknd vibes. Launching into the climactic melody of the song, Holder’s velvety vocals deliver one of the catchiest and alluring choruses of the year. The production of the track ticks every box – subtle reverb, pulsating beats, yet simplistic enough to allow Holder’s powerful vocals to shine. The 22-year-old artist has admittedly blown me and the music community away – forget everything else. Tayler Holder was made for this.

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