Artist Spotlight: Sally Boy

It's rare when an artists' first song hits Spotify's New Music Friday playlist, but Sally Boy showed us it's not impossible with his debut title single "Sally Boy." The 21 year old singer/songwriter caught our attention by fusing his indie-pop sound with a little hip-hop swagger. Drawing clear influence from the likes of Frank Ocean and ARTHUR, Sally Boy projects smooth jovial vocals over amiable sultry guitar riffs. Although the Pennsylvania native is just getting started, the quality of his production suggests he's been honing his sound for years.⁣

"Sally Boy" is an introspective track written like a heartfelt letter to himself. Within the song, he mentions leaving his old persona out to dry, forcing himself to accept that time has passed while extending a reminder to live in the present. With an EP on the horizon, Sally Boy is ready to make his mark, and boy are we excited.

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