Get To Know Sally Boy [Interview]

Nate Fenningdorf

After coming across Sally Boy’s TikTok a few months ago, his captivating music instantly turned me into a fan. His melodic swagger and relatable lyrics have rightfully made the rising artist one of the biggest names in the upcoming music scene – and he is only getting bigger. Sally Boy’s new EP, Lies I Tell Myself, displays his endless potential through enchanting, polished songs.

The introspective EP brilliantly touches on how the 22-year-old artist tries to hold himself accountable, while discussing the complexity of the relationships in his life. Get to know where the inspiration for Lies I Tell Myself came from, what Sally Boy’s hopes for the project are, and the reason why you should stop consuming palm oil below.

What was your main inspiration for the new EP?

Well, let’s see. There are 8 songs on it, so there’s about 8 different inspirations I could point you towards on this project. I guess the whole effort is to make public the fact that I tell these little lies to myself to make my days/life a little easier, and thus hold myself accountable. But every song comes from a different place, so it’s not always easy to pinpoint one inspiration for the whole body of work.

What song are you most excited for fans to hear on the EP?

"Martha." She’s gonna make everyone cry. I’m real excited for that.

How long has this EP been in the works for, does it feel good to finally be out of your hands?

Oh ya it feels good to get it out of my hands. I get nitpicky sometimes… Hard to pinpoint how long it’s been in the works, I mean "Good At Being Lonely" was supposed to be on the last project so you could say like a year and a half I guess, but really the brunt of the work took place over the past 9 months. Getting it out of my hands lets me look forward to this next body of work, cause the next one is always the best one.

Do you have high hopes that this EP will broaden your audience?

Yeah that’s all I could ask for. These songs really bridge a number of sounds and help contextualize the other four I’ve already released. The project also speaks for itself. There’s eight really strong songs there and anyone that listens will know what Sally Boys are all about.

"Good At Being Lonely" and "Chess & Checkers" just passed 500,000 streams, and you have over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, how does that make you feel?

Man that’s all good and well and tingles my dopamine and all – but at the end of the day those are just numbers. I’m trying to do my best to distance myself from finding validation and self worth in streams and focus more on the human interactions I’ve been lucky enough to have through my music. That being said, stream machine go brrrr and 100 thou is nuts. Thank you so much to everyone who streams daily and supports.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

Yeah, Orangutan populations in Indonesia and Malaysia are being decimated at accelerating rates due to increased demand for palm oil, which can only be harvested in ecosystems which happen to be densely populated by Orangutans. If we don’t put a stop to it we may lose Orangutans forever. Look them up, you do NOT want to lose those cute ass orange boys.

Nice virtually talking to you Sally Boy!

Likewise robot man.

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