Ohio Has A New Hitmaker With "Scared To Start" By Michael Marcagi

Riley Furey

In an age where there is a new artist breaking into the scene nearly every day, I have become a bit jaded in allowing that to be true for everyone who is hoisted into the spotlight. Nonetheless, I will almost always give these artists a try, and I am so glad I did with "Scared to Start" by Michael Marcagi.

Michael has been making music with his band from Cincinnati, Ohio for years, but the release of his debut solo single “The Other Side,” he finally broke through to the masses. Maybe I resonate more with his music because I’m also from Ohio, but something about “Scared To Start” leaves me with a feeling that I’ve only been able to get by listening to other breakout folk artists from last year like asiris, Brenn!, and Hans Williams.

This song is simply chills from start to finish, and if you’re looking for your new obsession for 2024, Michael Marcagi (pronounced mar-kay-jee), could be exactly what you’re looking for. (He also is already followed on Instagram by two of the folk founding fathers, Noah Kahan and Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers, so it’s about time for you to tap in for yourself.)

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