SEB Drops Melancholic and Beautiful, “get yo bread”

Ian Hansen

Anytime SEB hops on the mic, he shows his fans how truly genre-bending his music is. His most recent single, “get yo bread,” merges pop-esque cadences in the chorus with unique raps in the verses. His recent single follows the highly catchy, “f**k it, i’m the man” and “SAVE ME,” which will be on his upcoming EP, IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING II: don’t worry, i’ll be fine.

“get yo bread” takes a slower approach and highlights his heartwarming vocals and more importantly, his headspace when he wrote the track. "I wrote this song when I was probably at my lowest financially,” SEB said. “We were still in the middle of the pandemic and I was arguing everyday with unemployment. During that time, money was the focal point of everything, and more importantly what was I willing to do for it. The song starts with me screaming ‘get yo bread’ and by the end I'm right back where i started.”

I’m so excited for SEB. I don’t know how else to say it. He has songs that are perfect for rolling the window down and driving into the sunset along with songs that make you want to sit in bed and cry. He is the jack of all trades which is one of the reasons his music resonates with so many.

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