poptropicaslutz! Escape the End of the World on “something about the sky”

Freddie Fine

There is nothing that poptropicaslutz! could ever make that I would not love, but there is something extra special about their latest release. “something about the sky” arrives as the duo’s third single since the release of their EP just in case the world ends in May, continuing their torrid run this year.

The track marks the fourth time working with producer duo Slaying Ibis x Yeezo, a partnership that I just can’t get enough of as their styles continue to blend perfectly together, creating one of their most high energy driven releases yet. Reflecting on the meaning, poptropicaslutz! member Christian said, “The song came to me one night when we were driving and an insane storm came out of nowhere. I thought it was trippy how when we'd drive under a bridge, there would be a fleeting moment of peace, and complete silence while we were shielded from the rain.” The track feels like an entry into this blissful moment from the very first line, as Christian sings, “When I go under an overpass / It feels like time stops, I think about you there,” their vocals containing a soothing aura over the electric guitar and powerful drums. Clever wordplay on the hook by both Christian and Nick uses weather forecasts and a fire as they grapple with the last strings of hope in a struggling relationship.

The apocalyptic accompanying video, directed by kahre, follows poptropicaslutz! as they attempt to evacuate New York City, taking them on an intense journey towards the Staten Island Ferry. Check out the video below, and as always, look out for what is next for poptropicaslutz!, as they always have something coming.

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