Lyhz Brings Nostalgic R&B To New Single “Temporary”

Kieran Kohorst

On new single “Temporary,” Toronto-based artist Lyhz sounds at peace, even while struggling through frustrations: “Why you say you L-O-V-E me / Every time you put your hands on me?” she delivers in a settled tone, curious but not demanding. Later, she reveals that she already has the answer: “You love me for the moment, now I’m a memory…I suppose it wasn’t meant to be / So it’s temporary.” While she has reserved herself to this conclusion, there are moments of passion within the track - the vocal runs Lyhz offers to close the song give a glimpse of her resentful attachment, bubbling singing talent, and the influences she holds within her music. Raised on the gospel and soul genres, Lyhz also took note of R&B artists of the 2000’s - Brandy, specifically - in shaping her own sound. As only her second official release, Lyhz is at no fault of wearing her influences on her sleeve, as the design is still definitively her own.

“Temporary” arrives over a year after Lyhz’s official debut, “Enough,” which proves the sonic lineage of her latest release to be true to her sound. “I wrote ‘Temporary’ coming from a place of constant disappointment that opportunities, relationships and people around me, that I longed to hold as permanent fixtures in my life, were constantly fleeting, in stark contrast to how I valued them,” Lyhz shares of her newest single. “Despite the disappointment, this is reflection on the power of letting go all that is Temporary, to make room for the acceptance that growth is moving on from short-term situations and relationships - it is only when we let go of things that don’t serve us, do we give ourselves space to find and accept everything we are truly destined for. Sometimes letting go means being ok to stand on your own for a while, while you wait on something or someone truly worthwhile.” Its overtly obvious that Lyhz’s time away from sharing music was spent in pursuit of growth, apparent in the thesis she pursues on “Temporary.” 

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