SHADESOFBLUE Feels No Confines In His Artistry

Riley Furey

When I first heard SHADESOFBLUE’s music I figured his releases would start to fall into one genre, yet with every single release, he pushes the boundary and shows us something new. Whether he is flexing his bilingual abilities, pouring his heart out, or taunting the listener to listen to their intrusive thoughts; I can never predict what will come when I press play on a SHADESOFBLUE track.

His latest single, "I Couldn't Care" is a laissez faire alternative rock ballad, and I swear I felt myself float out of my seat when the chorus crept in. While some of his tracks are more playful in nature, this one has an air of longing and he allows us to experience his inner turmoil alongside him.

I don't know how to categorize his discography, and with how diverse and high quality his releases are; I certainly won’t be the person to put him in a box. With a long track record of innovation, you can bet I'll be sitting in the front row eating popcorn waiting for the next episode of this movie to unfold.

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