Jontha Links Is Here To Be Your “Hero”

Kieran Kohorst

Every hero needs their origin story, and when it comes to Midwest duo Jontha Links, their beginnings as creatives are likely to resonate with listeners as much as their music does. Members Connie and Shamik first met as colleagues in a research lab in Silicon Valley, quickly bonding over their shared backgrounds and sharing a love for music. The two decided to take a leap of faith and move to LA, form Jontha Links, and have been making strides in their work with each release. Their latest, “hero,” playfully incorporates the song’s title into a theme, and is hardened by the track’s electric guitars and pop-rock influence. The chorus is driving and irresistible, the climax of the song that is mirrored in the accompanying music video. Stunt-laden and action-packed, the video features producer Shamik adding experimental AI to the visual. In a press release, vocalist Connie calls the song “at its core, a plea. People go to desperate lengths to prove their worth when they fall in love, but not everyone needs to be saved. The feeling of powerlessness that results can be harrowing.”

“hero” is slated to appear on Jontha Links’s upcoming EP, material love, a release that will entail new music, live shows, clothing drops, and music videos, capturing the breadth of the duo’s creative endeavors. The single is their first release of 2023, with the song again showcasing the different sound and genres Jontha Links is capable of performing. 

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