Shaya Zamora Proves To Be Folk’s Next Superstar with “Young Heart”

Ian Hansen

I haven't encountered such vibrant vocals in the folk genre for quite some time, akin to what Shaya Zamora brings. His recent song, "Young Heart," stands out as a beautiful Christian piece that delves into the themes of navigating life and drawing closer to God. The lyrics, "I need to clear my mind, so I’m going for a drive. I think it’s about time that I got along with God," encapsulate Zamora's profound journey.

The serene acoustic guitar lays the groundwork for Zamora to weave vibrant and intense melodies, skillfully conveying the raw emotions embedded in the track. It's a rarity to find a new folk piece with such distinctive cadence and delivery in the vocals. Shaya Zamora undoubtedly seems poised to become a standout figure in this musical lane, as his poignant songwriting has the potential to deeply resonate with many in the near future.

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